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  Datong in brief  
Datong is situated in northern Shanxi Province. It is bordered by Inner Mongolia to the North and Hebei Province to the east. Covering an area of 14,176 square kilometers (5473 square miles), Datong has four districts and seven counties under its prefecture. It is the second largest city in Shanxi Province with a population of 2.99 million. Known as the 'City of the Coal', Datong has developed i
  Datong Attractions  
Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot Chinese recorded history tells us that Emperor Shun (circa 2372 BC) toured his northern domain years ago, and he was so impressed by the sight of Mt. Hengshan that he proclaimed it the 'North Mountain' (Bei Yue). Many later emperors had also come to visit Mt. Hengshan. The renowned traveler Xu Xiake came to visit in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and left behind Hengshan-inspir
  Datong Transportation  
Air   Datong Airport is located in the north of Beijiazao Town of Datong County, only about 15 km from downtown Datong City. There are flights to major domestic cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.   There are free shuttle buses running between Datong Hotel in downtown and Datong Airport and they go via Wuzhou Grand Hotel and the ticket office on Yingbin Dong Lu. The buses us
  Datong Food  
Shaomai   Shaomai which is the staple food of the dinner party sometimes is called Shaomei because it looks like a plum when it comes out the form. The side is snow-white; we can see the meat stuffing in the center through the skin. Eating one mouth is oil of one mouthful, thin chew one regiment meat. It is said that Zhengde Emperor arrived at Datong and liked Li Fengjie, have ever stayed o
  Datong Shopping  
Still considered to feel like a“small market town,”Datong is no shopper's paradise.  Once an important Ming dynasty trade hub, Datong's atmosphere has become a little sleepier of late, limiting commercial variety; however, if you are looking for some local souvenirs, keep your eyes open for some of the following items.   Datong Egg Carving   Bearing some resemblance to East
  Datong images  
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