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  Guangzhou in brief  
Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, has an area of 7434.4 square kilometres. The city is between latitude 220 and 249 north and longitude 1123 and 1445 east. Located in a temperature zone of subtropical climate, the annual temperature is about 21.7 with the highest of 38.7 and lowest of 0 . The annual precipitation is 1982.7 millimetres, with main rainfall concentrated in spring and au
  Guangzhou Attractions  
Baiyunshan (White Cloud Mountain)   This section of the range of hills that runs through Guangdong Province is right outside town and can sometimes be a peaceful escape from Guangzhou's traffic and buildings. You will not, however, be the only one with this idea and, on the weekends especially, the hills are alive with the sounds of Cantonese. The hike to the highest point should take a lit
  Guangzhou Transportation  
Air   Guangzhou Xinbaiyun Airport is 28 km from the city center (Haizhu Square), or about a RMB 100 taxi ride.   A shuttle bus runs between the airport and Zhuhai every hour from 10:00 a.m. to midnight, departing from Arrival Hall A/7 Exit and Arrival Hall B/10 Exit. Charter bus service is available to Dongguan; tickets can be purchased at the same exits.   For more infor
  Guangzhou Food  
Special Roasted Whole Sucking Pig   It is a valuable and rare dish of a banquet. The skill of roasted whole suckling pig has a long history of more than 1400 years. There are two methods to roast whole suckling pig. The first one is smooth skin pig. Use slow fire and smear less oil. The second one is that the skin is melted. Use big fire and smear oil continuously.   The oil explodes
  Guangzhou Shopping  
With all those factories nearby, don't be surprised if you stumble upon a few markets of the dark-colored variety. Manufactured goods and textiles°™"real" and fake°™make up most of the shopping in Guangzhou, and more and more of it is happening in Western-style malls. Most of what you'll see there won't be any different than what you see on the shelves at whatever shipping destination you've just co
  Guangzhou images  
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