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  Hefei in brief  
The capital of Anhui province, an important railway hub and scientific research base of China, the old haunt of the 3 Kingdoms, the birthplace of Baozheng (an official of Song dynasty famous for his integrity and rectitude)
  Hefei Attractions  
Leisure Ford Park   The contradictorily named Leisure Ford (Xiaoyao jin) is well known in modern China as a famous battlefield. Although history faithful to the truth is a little hard to track down, most accounts in China now go like this:   In the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), a general called Sun Quan, afterwards to become king of the Wu Kingdom, led a troop of
  Hefei Transportation  
Air   You can access the provincial capital daily from most of the major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xiamen and Qingdao. In addition, you may opt to fly from Hefei to Yellow Mountain.   The Luogang Airport is located about 10km south of the city proper. CAAC buses (RMB5) take passengers to the CAAC office on Huizhou lu shortly after a plane arrives
  Hefei Food  
Baogong fish   The shark suckers live in Bao River and their back are black, the persons call them Baogong Fish, after cook the bone is soft and meat is delicate, enjoying in retrospect the everlasting.   Caocao Chicken   Be so called Free and Unfettered Chicken", it is rumored that it was the medicine chicken that Cao Cao held the affection in that years, the color is rosy, t
  Hefei Shopping  
Hefei is not bad in its shopping variety, and most of the specialties from around Anhui and beyond make their way to the markets, stalls, shops and department stores around town.   The most noteworthy of specialties include feather fans (Yumao shan), pottery (Taoqi), Gujing wine (Gujing gongjiu), Huangshan tea (Huangshan cha), bamboo carving (Zhuhuang diaoke), traditional medicines (Zhongy
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