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  Luoyang in brief  
Luoyang city is located in the western part of Henan Province,on both bides of the middle reaches of the Yellow River.It is a state-grade historic cultural city and a famous ancient capital.Luoyang is also a newly develop-ing industrial city with rich resources, splendid culture, convenient transport and a strong scientific and technological force. It has now 1 city, 8 counties and 6 districts und
  Luoyang Attractions  
White Horse Temple (Baima Temple)   Baima Temple is one of the most impressive and truly holy temples in the entire Henan province and is considered by many as being one of the oldest in China.   Legend has it that white horses carried the first scriptures from India to this spot in 68AD, hence the name (meaning White Horse Temple) and the prevalence of horse statues about the entire
  Luoyang Transportation  
Air   Luoyang Beijiao Airport is located 10 km northwest of the downtown area with flights to and from Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, Kunming, Shanghai and Beijing. It costs about RMB 20 from the airport to downtown by taxi.   Railway   Luoyang Railway Station is located on Daonan Xi Lu north of the city, while Luoyang East Railway Station is located on Datong Lu in the Chan
  Luoyang Food  
Luoyang Water-Banquet   The dish has a history of thousands of years. The dish was so named for two reasons. Firstly, unlike the usual custom in China, the dishes served during this banquet are brought one after another, like flowing water, hence the name "Water Banquet". The second reason is that around one third of the dishes served are soup or semi-soup dishes.   Although dishes
  Luoyang Shopping  
Luoyang is famous for its peonies (the currently unofficial Chinese national flower), which are found all over the city. While these flowers are not yet recognised as the national flower, they are the official symbol of Luoyang. For those after handicrafts, the Tang Dynasty three-colour glazed pottery copies are a good buy. For tea connoisseurs, a taste of the pure and crisp Xinyang tea
  Luoyang images  
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