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  Pingyao in brief  
The ancient city is in Pingyao County, Shanxi Province. The city wall was first built during the Zhou Dynasty (11th century - 256 B.C.) and was expanded in 1370, the third year of the reign of Ming Emperor Hongwu. Since 1997, it has been listed as a World Heritage Site. Now Pingyao city is the only one in China completely reserved as it was hundreds of years ago, no modern buildings, only narrow s
  Pingyao Attractions  
Ancient City Wall   Built with rammed earth inside and brick and stone outside, the ancient city walls measure 10 meters high and 6162.7 meters long with 3-5 meters wide tops. Except the southern wall, which zigzags a bit according to the land contour, the other three walls all go straight, making the city area a square one. One city gate was built each to the southern to northern walls and
  Pingyao Transportation  
Air   There is no airport in Pingyao County. If you would like to go there by air, the Taiyuan Wusu Airport (TYN) which is 90 kilometers (56 miles) away from Pingyao may be the best choice. After reaching the Wusu airport, you have two ways to get to Pingyao: by long-distance bus or by train.   To get to Taiyuan Passenger Transport Station, you can take taxi with a fare of about CNY
  Pingyao Food  
Wantuozi   Wantuozi is a kind of traditional snack in Pingyao County made of wheat or buckwheat flour. The flour is mixed with slightly salted water until it becomes a batter; salted water and rape oil is added proportionally to make the batter thin; this thin batter is put in a saucer and steamed for about twelve minutes. Then, the Wantuozi is ready. It can be mixed cold with vinegar, gar
  Pingyao Shopping  
Hunqi Zhai   The lacquerware available here is famous in Pingyao. What's more, the Hunqi Zhai is also an ancient residence with typical Shanxi style. Address: No.7, Huludu, Shuyuan Street, Pingyao Old City   Liuhetai Pillow   'Liuhetai' refers to the harmony and peace of the world in Chinese. The 'Liuhetai Pillow' is different from the traditional solid pillow we use. It is
  Pingyao images  
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