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  Urumqi in brief  
Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is one of the country's most important cities open to the outside world like a piece of emerald embedded at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. The city, located between latitude 435 to 440 north and longitude 860 to 885 east on an alluvial fan at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountains, with the Junggar Basin in the north and surrou
  Urumqi Attractions  
Heavenly Lake In the middle of Bogda Peak, 110 km (68miles) east of Urumqi, nestles Heavenly Lake. Covering 4.9 square kilometers (1.89 square miles), this crescent-shaped lake deserves its name, Pearl of Heavenly Mountain (Tianshan Mountain). With melted snow as its source, Heavenly Lake enjoys crystal water. In summer, the beautiful lake is an ideal cool resort. Boaters on the lake see the ever
  Urumqi Transportation  
Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has become a transportation center not only inside Xinjiang but also serves as an important connection with other provinces within China as well as a hub between China and other Asian countries.   Getting Around   Public buses are everywhere in Urumqi, however, they are not frequently used by tourists or foreigners due to th
  Urumqi Food  
Xinjiang Kebabs Xinjiang Kebabs are chunks of mutton thread on skewers and roasted over charcoal. The kebabs are turned continually and basted frequently, and when they are almost done, salt, pepper paprika and cumin are sprinkled on them. Kebabs are crispy outside and tender inside, slightly salty and hot. They are not greasy and have no unpleasant smell. They are sold in the streets and bazaars
  Urumqi Shopping  
As you might expect from the biggest city in the old Silk Road lands of Xinjiang, shopping is good in Urumqi, whether it's carpets, knives and spices in a Uighur bazaar or electronics and brand-name fashions from the east of China, you can generally find it somewhere.   Xinhua Bei Lu is a major modern shopping street, full of boutiques and small shops selling name-brand fashions (real and i
  Urumqi images  
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