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  Wudangshan in brief  
Mt. Wudangshan, also called Mt. Taihe or Mt. Xianshi in the past, is located near the city of Danjiangkou, in central Hubei Province. There are 72 peaks, 36 cliffs, 24 gullies, 3 lakes, 9 springs and 10 ponds there. The main peak, Tianzhu Peak, has an altitude of 1,612 m. Mt. Wudangshan is well vegetated and boasts rich plant resources. About 600 kinds of Chinese herbs, one third of the total rec
  Wudangshan Attractions  
The Golden Hall (Jindian or Jinding) The Golden Hall (Jindian or Jinding), situated at the top of Tianzhu Peak (1612m), is one of the most distnctive landmarks in Wudangshan. It was built in 1416 during the Ming Dynasty. According to local histories, the hall was forged in Beijing, then carried to Wudangshan. The Golden Hall is one part of the Supreme Harmony Temple (Taihe Palace). Built entirel
  Wudangshan Transportation  
Airport There are direct flights from Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Haikou to Xiangfan, from where it takes 3 hours by bus to the mountain. There are also direct flights from Beijing, Shenzhen, Fuoshan to Laohekou, which is 90km from Wudangshan. Railway Station Wudangshan is on the railway line from Wuhan to Chongqing, but few trains make the stop and you may have to take a bus to S
  Wudangshan Food  
Food in Wudangshan is essentially Hubei cuisine, one of the "Big-Seven" Chinese food groups. Local specialties are wild vegetables and wild game. In addition, the mountain is renowned for its fine vegetarian food. For family-run restaurants, head to Yongle Lu. Local hotels are also good places to find some decent dishes.
  Wudangshan Shopping  
Wudangshan is famous for its martial arts. Locally bought books on the subject are certainly worth taking home. Other souvenirs include Taoist amulets, carved sticks and pyrography ("fire-writing").  
  Wudangshan images  
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